rammel tree tradition 2014

tree_tradition_2014_1This year’s outing consisted of a daddy with a headache, unplanned mismatched outfits and a last minute change of tree farm. When we walked out the door I thought disaster was eminent. Thankfully I was wrong, and frankly should of known better. Where there’s rows of piney trees, there’s happiness. And that’s just what we found last week…happiness and the perfect family Christmas tree.

tree_tradition_2014_2 tree_tradition_2014_3 tree_tradition_2014_4 tree_tradition_2014_5 tree_tradition_2014_6On the way home our tree nearly slid off the car into oncoming traffic. My first instinct was to panic, Sticky on other hand got a great big grin and said “Come on a Brand, what a fun story we could tell!”. He couldn’t be more right (this time).






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One Response to rammel tree tradition 2014

  1. This is such a sweet post! =) I couldn’t get my 2 year old to go get a live tree this year… he does not like the whole idea of a tree being INSIDE the house lol