winter air defense

Yesterday Jettie came up to me with a concerned look and said “what’s on my lips that’s scratchy?” Poor girl was experiencing her first losing battle to winter air. The chapped lips, cracked heels and uncomfortable dryness makes this time of year no fun for skin. Fortunately there ways to fight back. Here are some of my favorite tools:
winter_air_defense_11O’Keeffe’s working hands – yes, the packaging is not the prettiest but after years of my mom and husband swearing by this stuff I decided to give it a go…and it’s fantastic. 2Eltamd uv clear spf46 sunscreen – just because less skin is exposed does not mean you can skip the protection.  Wearing sunscreen on your face year round blocks those harmful rays that can damage the glow of youthful looking skin. 3Crane humidifier – we added one of these to our home last year and were pleasantly surprised by the difference it made.  Now we are waking up with less chapped lips and itchy noses from the dry forced heat air.  4Jack Black intense lip balm spf25 – speaking of chapped lips, place a lip balm loaded with moisture and spf in the pocket of every coat you wear.  This will keep those smackers very kissable.  5F21 plaid gloves – one sure fire way to keep the delicate skin on your hands from drying out is to avoid contact with air all together.  Gloves are a girls best friend in this case and bonus, they’re pretty. 6Nature’s Way extra virgin organic coconut oil – when choosing a moisturizer look for one that is oil based as opposed to water or alcohol.  We love coconut oil for our dry skin, it seals in the moisture especially in the harsh winter months.





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One Response to winter air defense

  1. Christine says:

    Sadie had a tender pink spot on her lip and asked what happened. She said, “I just took a piece of cloth off if it.” She had picked a piece of skin off… Poor thing. Great tips!