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Wow.  It has been an amazing series of days in our land.  We were embraced by a miracle last Thursday.  Witnessing Locke’s birth was an experience like no other.  My mind is constantly going back to the scene, and my heart explodes every time I think about his debut.  I will leave all the details to Shan and her beautiful words (it will be a post like no other, that’s for sure).

One thing Shan may leave out is how her friend and photographer thought “the call” was a false alarm therefor looking like a complete hot mess was fine.  I have never been more wrong in my life.  Not in a million years did I think I would look better during my own labor than I would shooting someone else’s.  The good news is I should not be in too many pictures, the bad news is I know I am in a few.

With that being said my version of looking a hot mess has certainly broadened over the years. A bun for instance was never acceptable. It’s now a staple for that 3rd day of unwashed hair (okay, 4th). What has and will always be acceptable in my world is a good jean jacket. And this one is like a best friend. Comfortable, a little worn around the edges and always fits just right. We’ve have been together for 15+ years. (It gave into my razor sharp elbows about 3 years ago.) What some find in their favorite pair of jeans I’ve found in this jacket. And clearly the apple does not fall far from the tree.

jean_jacket_season_1 jean_jacket_season_2Anyone else have one of these at home?






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One Response to jean jackets on

  1. Sandy Piper says:

    What great pictures, Jette is the perfect combo of you and her daddy. I see both of you in her pretty face. Love her curls too!