jettie’s first room

jetties_room_girls_nursery_7When Sticky and I were looking at homes I couldn’t help but ponder which room in each house would make a good nursery.  If life were to bless us with a baby I wanted to know where his or her space would be.  At that time we were committed, but not yet engaged, so I kept my nursery ideas to myself (talk about scaring off a man). I would proclaim that the smallest bedroom would be “a good place for the treadmill”.  This room did indeed make a good home for the treadmill.  Which worked out nicely because running gives a person a lot of time to think.  Will it become a space for a boy, or a girl?  What color will we put on the walls?  Where will the crib go?

As the years went by, and uncertainty began to creep in, the only thing this room symbolized was what we didn’t have…at least not yet.  Hope was never lost on this tiny little space for baby.  The day it officially became what it was meant to be, well, that was pretty amazing.

jetties_room_girls_nursery_1 jetties_room_girls_nursery_2Knowing we were about to have a little girl we wanted a room that not only looked like it was meant for a “her” but reflected us as a couple as well.  A space that felt soft, sophisticated, fun and sweet.  I didn’t know exactly how to put all those things together until I found her bedding fabric.  A larger scale floral in soft hues of grey, violet, pink and putty.  With that in hand the rest of the room fell into place.

jetties_room_girls_nursery_3 jetties_room_girls_nursery_4 jetties_room_girls_nursery_5 jetties_room_girls_nursery_6There are many things I could claim as my favorite in this space.  The gallery above her dresser, the bedding made by her Grandma Kim, the white armoire that fits so perfectly – I love it all.  But if I had to chose it would be the mix of patterns that I am most fond of.  For weeks I pondered over solid colored rugs and curtain textiles.  None of them felt right.  Once I decided on a graphic chevron for the rug I still couldn’t envision a solid shade for the windows.  Enter a bold black and white floral and somehow they all work together as they should.

jetties_room_girls_nursery_8 jetties_room_girls_nursery_9 jetties_room_girls_nursery_10 jetties_room_girls_nursery_11 jetties_room_girls_nursery_12 jetties_room_girls_nursery_13Fast forward to today and this room is currently transitioning into my office as Jettie moves into a bigger space that will eventually be shared with her brother.  While I’ll be keeping the overall feel of her room for myself, I can’t help but be sad to see it’s days as “Jettie’s room” come to an end.  Hopefully someday another couple will envision baby in this same sweet space.





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4 Responses to jettie’s first room

  1. Cindy says:

    I wish I had a fraction of your good taste and talent for creating the perfect look! Beautiful, Brandy!

  2. Lorie says:

    My thoughts exactly Cindy! This room is simply gorgeous and I’m utterly amazed and envious of your never ending talent! Great job lady!

    • prettyplainjanes says:

      You are too kind Lorie! Thanks so very much! Hopefully I will love her next room as much as I did this one. 🙂 xo, brandy j