33 weeks

While most of my updates have been posted under “Baby Maxey Updates”, I wanted to share an update here for a change.  No big news, but we are feeling positive as we sneak up on 34 weeks.


Tuesday we had an appointment with our OB- and lately I have been so anxious for these appointments.  At our last, we talked a bit on when they would induce me, scheduling a last ultrasound, getting ready for Locke’s arrival.  Of course, several things could happen between now and then, but we are still making plans.

On Tuesday when we went in and Dr. Kennedy measured my stomach she looked at me for a second in disbelief.  “I can’t even tell you that he is slowing down or behind on growth.  He is chunking out, just like he should be at 33 weeks.. he’s growing right on track.”

What does that mean for us though?  No one knows for certain.  “There is no textbook for this”, she told us.  “He looks far too good for his diagnosis.”  Undoubtfully we left her office feeling giddy with excitement.  No, this doesnt change his diagnosis.  It doesn’t change the challenges ahead.  But it does give us hope that we will at the very least have a small amount of time with him.  He is so strong, and that gives us strength. 

Our ultrasound is scheduled for the 29th, which happens to be Josh’s birthday.  I will be one day shy of 36 weeks.  Please pray with us that our ultrasound will give us good indications of what steps to take next.  We will most likely be inducing around 38 weeks, which is right around the corner and hard to believe.  Right now, our focus is on getting him as close to term as we can, and soaking up each and every day.

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One Response to 33 weeks

  1. Lindsay M. says:

    “He looks far too good for his diagnosis.”
    This one, simple phrase made my day! Praying for hope, strength, and most of all… life! Thank you for continuing to share your little boy with us.