one year


Tomorrow is Josh and I’s very first wedding anniversary.  Looking back at the past year and that magical day gives me butterflies in my stomach like nothing else can.  I would relive our wedding day a million times over if I could- but I am also so thankful for a marriage that is just as beautiful as that special day was.


The morning of our wedding I sat down and wrote Josh a letter.. spilling out every promise and hope I had for our marriage.  Looking back on this year, I can’t help but laugh thinking of all of the things that were in store for us that we never could have planned for or anticipated.  Words are usually my strong suit, but I think he had it right that day.  He simply wrote me this:

My love is not fragile.  It will not leave you; you are my heart and soul.  Everything that I am you are a part of- know that I cherish you and always will.

Just like that.

At one year, all I can say is how incredibly thankful I am to call this man my husband.  Countless times I have looked at him and thought it could never have been anyone else.  Our year has been filled with ups and downs, but I have never been alone.  He has firmly held my hand through the most pain filled season of our life and held me up on the hardest days.  This excerpt from a book I love (while talking about wedding traditions), has tugged at my heart for the last few weeks:

“But my favorite interpretation is the one where the wine in the glass is a symbol for all of life, and when the bride and groom drink it, they accept both the bitter and the sweet aspects of life.  They accept that sometimes they’ll celebrate and sometimes they’ll mourn, in the same way that sometimes they’ll drink wine and sometimes glasses will shatter.”

Life is not our plan, and neither is marriage.  All we can know for certain is that the person we choose to experience life with was made to brace every fall, and love us every single day- flaws and all.  I am so grateful for a husband who gaurds my heart and loves me fiercly.



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