festival fun

Gorgeous weather, good company and two excited little riders. Jettie wants to know why the festival isn’t going on all the time. (Wouldn’t that be grand?!)

three_rivers_festival_1a three_rivers_festival_1b three_rivers_festival_1c three_rivers_festival_1d three_rivers_festival_1e three_rivers_festival_1fThe girls have been into all things spooky since last year’s Halloween.  This “kreepy kastle” had both of them incredibly intrigued.  Luckily they were satisfied with just a view from the outside (although they both suggested that they could take a peek through the front door).

three_rivers_festival_1g three_rivers_festival_1h three_rivers_festival_1iThe families (someday we will have a bright idea and ask someone to take a group shot of the whole gang).

three_rivers_festival_2These girls, we can’t get enough of their smiles and shenanigans.  Who could, really?

three_rivers_festival_3Here’s to a weekend full of silliness!





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2 Responses to festival fun

  1. Victoria says:

    Haha the girls looking at the Kreepy Castle!!! Taevin and I went in, (she thought it was a fun house) – not very enjoyable at all! She wanted to get out of there quick! Love all the photos – you guys always bring a smile to my face!

  2. Wendy says: