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bingham_banks_1It’s been 10 days and the high of welcoming our son into the world is still in the air.  Bingham Banks Rammel – gosh it feels good to finally be able to say his name out loud.

This post has been on my mind since our hospital stay.  I wanted to get it all out, before the seconds, minutes, hours began to leave my mind.  Going through the images though I was reminded why I don’t have to take on the burden of remembering everything.  Much like Jettie’s birth these pictures bring me back to those precious days.  My apologies in advance for the sheer amount of images.  I simply could not help myself.

bingham_banks_2Ask Sticky, my mom, Shan, doctor – there was serious doubt this little guy was making it to his due date.  Yet the 25th came and went which left me with 24 hours and an induction date.  We had been warned the hospital had been very busy, with many inductions being postponed at the last minute.  Somehow 5:15AM came on Friday the 27th and we were in the car, driving to a date with our baby.

bingham_banks_3What I had learned from my first induction (which was a great experience) is that my body relaxes after I get the epidural.  Jokingly I told Sticky if they administered it early enough Bingham would be born by noon.  He came at 11:20AM.  We had a student in the room with us and the nurses made it clear to him that this is not how it always goes down.  Checked in at 6AM and baby before lunch, now that’s getting it done lil man.

bingham_banks_4 bingham_banks_5 bingham_banks_6I could not be more grateful for the next two images.  Dr Kennedy has seen us through tears of sadness, unknowns, anxiety and immeasurable joy.  She is professional with a heart overflowing in kindness.  We are beyond blessed she was there to deliver both of our children.  What a gift she has been to us.

bingham_banks_7 bingham_banks_8 bingham_banks_9Some of my most fond memories from both of my child birth experiences are the ones spent in the postpartum room.  Its just us and baby for a couple of days.  Lots of newborn staring and a little quality time for Sticky and I.  The hours go by slow yet in a blink of the eye all at the same time.  This go around we were more eager to make it home (we had a daughter we were missing like crazy) but it was a wonderful 2 days with our Bing.

bingham_banks_10 bingham_banks_11 bingham_banks_12 bingham_banks_13 bingham_banks_14And the time finally came for big sister to meet her baby brother.  She was a little sleepy for this grand moment but excited nonetheless.  There’s such pride that comes with the “big sis” title.  She has carried it with her for months.  My heart bursts with it’s own pride over how accepting she has been of this role in his life.

bingham_banks_15 bingham_banks_16The Maxeys brought our Jettie to the hospital the first night.  I love this image because #1 you can tell there are a couple of very tired little girls (from nonstop sleepover fun of course) and #2 Josh is a baby guy.  These guys have truly spoiled us the last couple of weeks (and pretty much all the time).  Their hearts are so genuine and full of unending love.  They are an extension of our family and we could not imagine moments like these without them.

bingham_banks_17 bingham_banks_18 bingham_banks_19 bingham_banks_20Miss Jettie asked to come back for a visit the next day.  I think she was missing her mom and dad which was fine by us because we needed to see her as well.  This time around she was even more into Bing.  Words can’t describe how special it is to watch her interact with him the very first time.

bingham_banks_21 bingham_banks_22 bingham_banks_23 bingham_banks_24When Jettie was born my heart went to mush over Sticky holding his baby girl with such sweetness.  It was a scene I could not get enough of.  This time around he kept commenting on how amazing it was to see me holding a son.  If this would have played out to be another girl of course that would have been perfect.  Our stars lined up for a boy though and he sure does make our home feel complete.

bingham_banks_25 bingham_banks_26I see so much of Sticky in Bing with these feet being absolutely no exception.

bingham_banks_27bingham_banks_28 bingham_banks_29 bingham_banks_30“Hi world.  I’m ready for you!” – Bing

bingham_banks_31Welcome to the world Bingham Banks.  We cannot wait to see what you have in store for it!







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8 Responses to hello bingham banks

  1. Sandy Piper says:

    Thank you for sharing, he is so precious. You have a beautiful family and it is lovely to see and feel your joy. What lucky children….God bless you all!

    • prettyplainjanes says:

      Awe! Thank you Sandy! We are so very happy and still can’t get over how blessed we are. xo, brandy j

  2. Cindy says:

    This is such a wonderful post! I’m so happy for your family, congrats (btw, you look amazing!)

  3. Brooke says:

    Congrats!! Beautiful pics for such a beautiful post:)

  4. Gorgeous pics! = ) hat a beautiful family!