happy birthday america

4th_of_july_2014_1Thank goodness for this red, white and blue birthday.  A day to stop and celebrate the beautiful country that we call home.  It’s time to relax, pull out the barbecue, grab a refreshing beverage and giggle till your face hurts.  We hope today is spent with people who fill your hearts with joy.  These two little chalk covered girls certainly fill ours to the brim.

4th_of_july_2014_2 4th_of_july_2014_3 4th_of_july_2014_4 4th_of_july_2014_5 4th_of_july_2014_6 4th_of_july_2014_7 4th_of_july_2014_8 4th_of_july_2014_9Happy Birthday America!  Cheers to a weekend of celebrating!






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