black is best (39 weeks)

Ask me last Friday if I would still be pregnant this morning the answer would have undoubtedly been no.  I was certain my water was going to break that afternoon (at a car dealership no less).  Yet here we are a few days later and baby boy is still rolling around in my belly.  I guess I could be bouncing up and down on a ball, eating my weight in pineapple or walking laps around the reservoir but I am opting to take it easy and enjoy these final days.  Besides, I have enough black maxi dresses to get me through another week.

maternity_style_fashion_39_weeks_1 maternity_style_fashion_39_weeks_2 maternity_style_fashion_39_weeks_3Already having a toddler at home has made this pregnancy significantly different than my first.  I felt like I had the time to really savor and focus on simply being pregnant, whereas this time around most of my focus is on the little girl looking up at me.  Many people have said to us not to worry about loving the second one as much as the first – it will come naturally the instant he is born.  Funny thing is of all the anxiety I have had this pregnancy (and believe me there has been a lot) that has not been one of them.  Jettie has loved the idea of a baby brother before she even knew for certain there was a baby brother in there.  Her frequent “How’s the baby doing, mommy?” and belly bump kisses melt me on the spot.  She beams with pride while claiming to strangers that she is going to change poopy diapers (yeah, right…).  Of course there will be adjustments, hiccups to officially being a family of four once he is here.  But I can’t help but beam with my own pride at how accepting and sweet she already seems to be to him.  No pregnancy will ever be like the surreal experience I had with my first.  And no pregnancy will be like the one I am experiencing now, with an extremely excited Jettie Jean by my side.

maternity_style_fashion_39_weeks_4 maternity_style_fashion_39_weeks_5 maternity_style_fashion_39_weeks_6|WEARING| black maxi dress similar/hat similar/necklace similar/Old Navy flip flops






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