full term wild (37 weeks)

My apologies for lack of variety in the maternity fashion department.  Here I am again, in another maxi dress.  Wait, is that a belt?  Yep, I went crazy and added one.  Truth is I feel great in a maxi and if a girl feels great in something at full term she sticks with it.

maternity_style_fashion_37_weeks_maxi_dress_1 maternity_style_fashion_37_weeks_maxi_dress_3 maternity_style_fashion_37_weeks_maxi_dress_2A week and a half ago a strange feeling came over me that baby boy was coming early.  Fast forward to today however and he seems nice and cozy – very much the way his big sis felt towards the end.  If he decides to hold out till due date that is more than okay with me.  Yes I have to sleep with 20 pillows, feel utterly exhausted at times and can’t go 5 minutes without a trip to the bathroom.  Yet I love having him in there and already know that bittersweet feeling of a pregnancy ending.  So there is no rush lil’ man, we know we will be snuggling you soon enough.

maternity_style_fashion_37_weeks_maxi_dress_4a maternity_style_fashion_37_weeks_maxi_dress_5a

|WEARING| H&M maxi dress/sandals similar/braided belt similar






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