36 weeks and june

June.  Despite all my doubts this glorious month has made it’s way into this pregnancy.  I wish I could go back in time, erase the uncertainty of the first 22 weeks.  Talk my mind out of telling my heart not to dream, not to be happy.  Wash away the anxiety and accept that this little boy does indeed have a safe home.  But I can’t.  What I can do is accept my priceless gifts and savor them for what they are – right here, right now.  And right now I can hold both of my babies, my miracles.  Life is good and it’s okay to feel it.

maternity_fashion_style_36_weeks_1 maternity_fashion_style_36_weeks_2 maternity_fashion_style_36_weeks_3 maternity_fashion_style_36_weeks_4There is a new energy in our home.  Change is impending and we are curious what a new member will bring to our family chemistry.  Jettie seems so ready for all of this – as if she has done it before.  Of course I worry about her, instantly losing so much attention to a new baby.  Yet I am confidant she will adapt (as we often forget kids so easily do).  More than likely it’s me who will have the hardest time adapting.  Adjusting to dividing time between my children.  For now I will take in every flower picking, dance session and giggle I can.  They are not to be missed after all.

maternity_fashion_style_36_weeks_5 maternity_fashion_style_36_weeks_6 maternity_fashion_style_36_weeks_7|WEARING| brandy j maxi dress similar (this is often restocked in red)/striped hat similar jettie dress similar/Gap vest/black sandals similar






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3 Responses to 36 weeks and june

  1. Stacy Pietrocini says:

    Brandy- these images are beautiful!

  2. Erica , friend of the maxey's says:

    Keeping you and family in my prayers