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To be frank this week has been more than rough.  My mind is trying to process while my heart won’t stop aching for Shan and her baby boy.  Sadness, anger, confusion – it’s all there.  Yet what kills me more than anything is that I know this is immeasurably harder for her.  A pain that I could never begin to feel or comprehend.  Helplessness has set in.  Where are the right words to say?  The tools to take some of the hurt away?  My mind just goes blank and my heart does not know what else to do but weep.

Little things take me to a less complicated place.  Even if only for a handful of minutes, it’s a break needed.  I hope my dear friends are finding those little things.  The ones that make you smile if just for a second.  Everyone deserves those tiny band-aids especially in the hardest of times.  Here are a handful of mine:

bath_and_body_works_summer_candles_may_2014_1Anytime the 3 wick Bath&Body candles are on sale I am a happy camper.  Shan and I will be smelling the crap out of these later today and stocking up.

Dad’s having fun with their daughters – gets me every single time.  (And the part where he says “You put your hand on my mouth and I’m still thinking about that.” – oh I can relate.)

gap_patriotic_may_2014_1Memorial Day through 4th of July I love all things Americana as far as fashion is concerned.  These sweet little patriotic dresses for our girls from Gap are seriously irresistible.

icreamShe is adorable.  Period.  (Dina Goldstein Pinterest)

Looking forward to a long weekend with my little family.  Including a possible zoo date with the Maxeys.  Jettie has already proclaimed it is happening so I guess we better make sure that it does.

Have an absolutely wonderful and safe weekend everyone!






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