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When we found out baby #2 was a boy I honestly had no idea what I was going to do about our living arrangement.  Our home consists of 3 bedrooms with one being utilized as an office.  Over the last few months I have been configuring in my head a way to move the office into our bedroom making it possible for the kids to have separate spaces.  Reality is this – it’s not going to work.  The office is much more than just an office when taken into consideration it houses the treadmill and large additional storage (like our shoe cabinet).  This left us with only one option – a shared room for the kids.

Jettie’s bedroom is by far my favorite in our home (I hereby make a vow to photograph and post it before we move her – hold me to that people!).  From the paint color to the textile choices everything came together just as I had hoped (this is never ever the case when it comes to my interior decorating adventures).  With the current office being larger than her room we are simply going to swap.  This works for two reasons – 1. I get to keep the feel of Jettie’s room for my office and 2. leaves us with only one bedroom to paint and decorate.  A shared bedroom for a growing girl and lil man whom we have yet to meet.  At first I felt constricted by gender neutral tones.  That was until of course I hopped on Pinterest (let the inspiration begin):

4ae8c7d6186b5501d28f3c600e30c988 3e43b41bb6b9912b627f026b805545c9from Oh Happy Day 4be5eeab548c8ae979fff583a6196116from Persia Lou e0b20a4a1e43fe8d85c18499475d2319The running theme in all these rooms are neutral walls with bold colors.  I’m sold.  From here I have started a very very virginal inspiration board:

shared_room_inspiration_1striped bedding in contrasting colors –  to save on space we want to do bunk beds, with her bedding being hot pink and his being fire orange.  Not for certain we will do them both in rugby stripes but I am crushing on the idea of it for now.  We could always mix up the patterns in the pillows. zebra rug – we own it already and it’s not being used.  Reason enough for me!  In all seriousness though it is the perfect size for the room and it adds a black and white graphic element (something almost every room in our home has in some form). elephant hamper – no, I am not doing a “safari theme” but if there is space for this guy I might have to have it.  A tiny touch of natural would soften all the bold colors and well, he’s pretty darn cute. book display – Jettie has book storage in her room but it is your typical library style set-up.  This open display makes it easier for kids to grab themselves and is more enticing to the eye. bold color closet door – one of my favorite home interior blogs, Young House Love, painted their little boy’s nursery closet door kelly green and it’s fabulous.  A great way to break up neutral walls without having to do it in the curtains.

With baby boy due next month you would think this would feel like an urgent project.  We are taking it slow though, more than likely putting the crib in our room once he does officially move to it.  I could blame it on him being our second and we are far more laid back than with our first but the truth is we move slow as molasses when it comes to home projects.  Hopefully before Jettie turns 4 you’ll see this shared space that is currently only in my head.






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3 Responses to boy and girl shared space inspiration

  1. jenn says:

    I LOVE LOVE the oh happy day bedroom! I’ve been following the progress and seriously want a map for my own bedroom. our new home only has 2 bedrooms, so when we decide to have little ones of our own, we’re gonna have no choice but to put 2 in 1 bedroom too! also, Naomi from rockstar diaries/love taza has her boy and girl share a room in manhattan, and you often see it pop up in posts:

    cheers, and best of luck in your last few weeks as a family of three!

    • prettyplainjanes says:

      Thanks Jen! Oh I love Eleanor and Samson’s room as well – light neutral walls with bright colors certainly seems to be the best way to go. You know what is funny is that we get some surprised reactions to the two of them sharing a space. I always think about residents of cities, such as NYC, and think “they do it all the time, why can’t we?!”. Definitely embracing the shared space concept. 🙂 xo, brandy j

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