staying positive pick-me-ups

A good friend of mine called me last night, to check in and see how I was doing with things.  I almost feel bad for my friends, because I know that they have no idea what to say to me, which I completely understand.  Really, right now there isn’t much to say- just listening and calling to say I’m here is simple and perfect.  I feel so blessed to be surrouded by friends that have done just that, and proven time after time that they are indeed there. 

Towards the end of our onversation she said, “okay, and what are you doing to take care of you?”.  I laughed.  Rolling out of bed every day.  Is that sufficient?  I was sort of kidding- I haven’t let myself be swallowed whole by this because truthfully when you have a three year old who needs her mommy just as much, not functioning isn’t really an option.

Aside from having great friends that have been doing more than their part to be sure I am not sulking, I’ve been surrounding myself with things that make me happy.


Little things that lift your soul say a lot about who you are.  I made a list this morning of the things that are truly getting me through, and when it was done it was really quite simple.  Little quotes, journaling my thoughts, getting lost in an easy read, a creamy cup of iced coffee, treating myself to a new chapstick in the checkout isle even though I really don’t need one, and a CD that not only fills my heart, but is my small slice of Hawaii that I keep in our car.

Keeping our heart happy is just as important as our physical wellness, and shouldn’t be neglected.  Especially when those chapsticks are right within your reach.  Go ahead, grab one.



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One Response to staying positive pick-me-ups

  1. Cindy says:

    You’re absolutely right Shan, I have no idea what to say (and I’m supposed to be older and wiser by now?). Please know that I am thinking of you and your family often, and you are in my prayers.