maxi dress forever (28 weeks)

This may be the only look you see for the rest of this pregnancy.  It is just too easy and too comfortable.  Throw in the “I don’t care hairstyle” and you’ve got yourself an effortless look.  I’m fairly certain this hair has not been french braided since the last juinor high track meet I participated in (let’s just say that was a long, long, loong time ago).  Unlike those days this braid is haphazardly put together with teased unwashed hair.  In other words it can be done in less than 2 minutes.  Whether it is me or not the verdict is still out.  Jettie loves it though, says it’s mommy’s Elsa hair.  Being an ice queen for the day sounds fabulous to me.

maxi_dress_maternity_jean_jacket_1 maxi_dress_maternity_jean_jacket_2One thing that I can’t seem to shake during this pregnancy is sneezing.  Yes, sneezing.  I know this may make me sound nuts but I sneeze at least 10 times a day (not something I am accustom to).  There is also a large baby boy sitting on my bladder.  You can equate on your own why these two things do not mix well.

I am also trying to shake a stomach bug that is apparently attacking pregnant women.  Not a terrible one but being 3rd trimester and early labor worries we have been on high alert for dehydration.  With my lack of appetite I was hoping to at least feel a little less large this week.  Didn’t happen.  In fact I felt like a turtle flipped on it’s shell yesterday trying to stand up from a low chair.  I can only imagine what 40 weeks will look like, hoping we make it to that point of course.

maxi_dress_maternity_jean_jacket_4 maxi_dress_maternity_jean_jacket_3|WEARING| maxi dress similar/jean jacket similar/flats similar/gold chain bracelet similar/taupe tote similar






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