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these_things_march_brandyj1A beautiful package arrived last weekend with the softest, most gorgeous robe tucked inside.  Plum Pretty Sugar you made my entire month with this amazing gift!  If you are shopping for a girlfriend, mom, mom to be, bride, bridesmaid or want to treat yourself with something fabulous be sure to check out their site (they have a blog too!). 2Starbucks Iced Lemon Cake – whatever you do DO NOT click on this link if you find this cake to be as tasty as I do.  Not a pretty calorie count (thank goodness I usually share).  3For over a year Jettie Jean would only eat the black olives off of pizza.  Being frequent visitors of 816 Pint&Slice we could not have been more pleased when she grabbed a slice and went to town.  Granted she did not eat the whole thing but at least we can breath a sigh of relief that she is indeed our child.

these_things_march_shan1This Adorable 3-Year Old Girl Will Give You The Lesson Of A Lifetime  This video made me smile from start to end- there is nothing quite as innocently beautiful as how simple things are through the eyes of a 3 year old.  2Ben & Jerry Cores As if they weren’t already packing heaven in those little tubs, they outdid themselves and came out with these.  Drool.  3 Adelynn has been so sick this week, but besides her raging temperature and a few rough nights, you wouldn’t know it.  Her sqeaky little cough-ridden voice doesn’t tell you about how she isn’t feeling well, but instead about how excited she is for swim class next week and is still begging for ballet.  I wish I handled sickness with her grace! She amazes us every day.

We would like to add one more amazingly fabulous item to our list of things we are obsessed with – you guys!  This week has included scads of new friends on facebook, pinterest and instagram, 10,000+ views in one day (a new record for us) and the first sale of printed invitations from the PPJ Shop!  Loving every moment of putting this blog together we always wonder if people out there enjoy what we are posting.  Weeks like this are inspiring.  It’s the icing on the cake and something we will use to fuel better and bigger ideas for the future.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all!

Now let’s all salivate over SJP, her home and the fact that she is simply SJP:

Cheers to the weekend!






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2 Responses to these things

  1. Such sweet words! Thank you so much, Brandy J and Shan for your kindness. We hope you enjoy your Plum Pretty Sugar maternity robe for many years to come!


    • prettyplainjanes says:

      Plum Pretty Sugar! You guys are so incredibly kind. Absolutely LOVE my robe! I know I will be wearing it quite a bit this spring and summer. I love the idea of having something so pretty especially after baby comes and nursing begins. Cannot thank you enough! xo, brandy j