eyeshadow repair


First your boots, now your favorite eyeshadow.  But seriously, whats better than salvaging something that you thought was a goner?  Especially when that something is a MAC eyeshadow that cost you a pretty penny, and then hurtled towards the floor one day and shattered right before your eyes.  Not a good way to start your day.  The good news is, Petit Elefant featured a DIY on this, and we have tested and concur that it indeed works!  (Go ahead, do a little victory dance.  And then go get that broken shadow!)


To get started, you’ll need:

  • shattered eyeshadow
  • a quarter, or coin of similar size
  • rubbing alcohol
  • tissue
  • butter knife
  • medicine dropper
  • plastic bag (or plastic wrap)

Step 1:  Place your shadow in a plastic bag.

Step 2: Using your butter knife, mash the broken shadow into an even powder.

Step 3:  Remove your shadow from the bag.  (This is what it should look like once mashed.)

Step 4:  Drop about 3 drops of rubbing alcohol into the shadow, moistening it.

Step 5:  Place your tissue over the top, and press a quarter into the shadow to reform it.

Step 6:  Allow your shadow to dry.  (Don’t worry!! The rubbing alcohol stench will dissapear when the shadow dries!)



Voila! Your pretty shadow is (almost) good as new!


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One Response to eyeshadow repair

  1. Clever Girl says:

    What woman hasn’t felt the frustration of breaking a practically new eye shadow and having to throw it away… or worse, deal with the mess it creates! I am amazed at how simple this is, thanks for posting.

    I’m wondering if it works only for shadows that contain mica, or if it would work for matte too… ever tried it?