hair color trends for spring

Today’s the day!  Hair appointment day, that is.  It’s been a few months and my hair is in desperate need of some attention, so I’m excited to say the least.  My strands are aching for some change, although I probably won’t stray too far from my normal shade.  Spring has brought out some fun color trends for the daring, however:

1. Brandy J tried for a few months to convince me to to follow this fun trend, and to be honest I put some serious thought into it. Brunettes going platinum is huge this spring- and the drastic change is so fun- I love it! Very tempting but I’m not willing to take on the damage it would require, nor the ugly shades that surely come with the process.
2. PASTELS! I love this subtle take on the wild colors that we saw last spring. Aveda has a new Pastel Blonde Series that creates these hues perfectly.
3. Another new color trend- called “Splashlights”. A refresher for ombre- this trend leaves the ends matching the scalp- with the highlight being only around your face. I will say- to make this look work you would want a stylist that has a lot of experience with color, because the look and placement are so exact.
Okay, I lied. After writing this I’m really thinking about those splashlights…

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