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In the midst of “Snowmageddon ’14” (you know, that snow and temps that chained us to the confines of our homes for three days?) this lovely book somehow made it’s way to my doorstep, thanks to a sweet friend of mine.  It’s been too long since I have really let myself dive into a book, and this one came at a time when I had no excuss not to.  So in I dove.

freefall_to_fly_1Freefall to Fly is a memoir written by Rebekah Lyons, where she full-heartedly dives into finding her purpose and using it to help others.  Somehow, she touches on anxiety, unreached goals, faith, finding purpose, channeling your purpose, community, vulnerability and transformation- all in a quick read.  Can we all relate with this?  On some level, I believe yes.  She asks the hardest question, of why are so many women facing anxiety and depression?  Are we failing eachother as women?


So many chapters were read with tears streaming down my face.  Not always for myself, but for every woman that I know.  Her writing is beautiful, and her words were incredibly refreshing, each page better than the last.

I closed this book with renewed hope; hope in humanity, in friendships, and in fulfilling my very own purpose.  It takes all of three days to read- so go grab yourself a copy!  What are you reading?


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