let it snow

Yesterday was one of those days that we do not experience every winter.  The snow fell, and fell, and fell.  And just when we thought it would stop it fell some more.  Big fat flakes perfect for snowball fights and snowmen construction.  Everything was softened by a layer of white.  Everything became quiet.  Everything became calm.  I swear I can “feel” the blanket of snow on my house.  As if mother nature covered us before bed knowing today would be unforgivably cold.  Which it is.  But yesterday, well, yesterday was magic.  Thankful we ventured outside to experience a little bit of it first hand.

plaid_stripe_1 plaid_stripe_2 plaid_stripe_3 plaid_stripe_4

Another little bit of magic makes it’s official debut today. The bump certainly popped earlier this time around. Hopefully this is just my body already knowing what it is doing (and not a sign I will be on the news for giving birth to a 14lb baby). Love this growing belly so much and looking forward to styling what will more than likely be my last pregnancy.  This striped dress screamed my name when I spied it at Target.  Comfy casual is my maternity winter motto.  Topped off with a lovely plaid gift from Guest Jane Lisa and I was snug as a bug in the winter wonderland.

plaid_stripe_5|WEARING| Target striped dress/cable knit cardigan similar/scarf similar/hat similar/gloves similar/Hunter boots

For everyone affected by the arctic chill today and tomorrow please stay safe and warm.  It’s a great time to snuggle, work on a puzzle (yes I am 80 and I love myself a good puzzle) or catch up on your favorite show.  Keep cozy!





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6 Responses to let it snow

  1. I am actually jealous of all your snow! apparently it snowed here in jersey while we were in Florida the past few days, but today it’s pouring rain with a high of 50, so the winter wonderland of a few days ago is completely gone 🙁

    stay safe and warm!

    • prettyplainjanes says:

      Hi Jenn! I would be sad to miss out on the winter wonderland as well. Although I have a feeling you will be getting another one or few before winter’s end. Hope you had an amazing time in Florida! Great game, proud of our team even though the outcome was not in our favor. 😉 – brandy j

  2. Amanda says:

    How did you tie that scarf?! Always enjoy your posts!

  3. Robyn says:

    Loving your baby bump! Can’t wait to hear the gender and name!