Look up resolution in the dictionary and you will find several definitions. “A resolving to do something.” will be near the top. That simple phrase is what makes this clichè practice not so clichè. Of course every 1st of the month, Monday and click of the clock can be considered a new beginning. But there is something so significant about January 1st. A new year, with new hope. A chance to fix what is wrong and improve on what works. A breath of fresh air that could not come soon enough. Clichè or not it is something worth thinking about. If we don’t reflect and examine our lives how will we ever know if we are truly living? Here is a glimpse into our 2013 instagrams with a few resolutions of our own. Some very simple, others more meaningful – all important.


  • Eat better. Feel better. Live better. (I know, this is at the top of many lists but it couldn’t be more true.)
  • Stop keeping myself up at night over things I cannot control or change. It’s wasteful and unhealthy. The weight of the world does not belong on anyone’s shoulders, mine included.
  • Make gnocchi from scratch.
  • Save X amount of money every month for our trip to Disney in 2015 (Shan, you need this one too!). Don’t skip, make excuses or forget. Just make it happen. The trip will be so much easier to finance and enjoy this way.
  • Truly take in the next 6 months of being a family of 3. It is a dream come true to have a baby on the way, but I don’t want to forget what life is like right at this moment.
  • Never give another human being permission to make me doubt my own character. Only I know how I genuinely think and feel – that is all that matters.
  • Grab the medium format camera and shoot some film. I miss it dearly and need it back in my life. There is a great amount of pride in the fact that I was trained on film. Every shot was thoughtful (there were no “free” deletes after all), editing happened in the dark room and photography was at it’s purist art form. Digital is fantastic but film is not something to dismiss. Knowing how to shoot it is a gift I possess, this cannot be taken for granted.
  • Once a month purposefully plan a family experience. A calendar will hang in the kitchen with said monthly excursions. Something as simple as walking a trail or a weekend road trip. We are happiest when we are experiencing things together. It is how we learn about ourselves and each other.
  • Speaking of kitchen how about I actually do something to mine other than stare at it and wonder where to start? Yes, sounds like a plan.
  • Wear more lip balm.
  • Get fresh air as often as possible. Drop what I am doing and stand in the perfect rainfall. Catch snowflakes on my tongue. Don’t forget the magic of mother nature.
  • Absolutely no beating myself up over post baby body or not getting into shape fast enough. It will happen. Being hard on myself will only delay the process.
  • Never ever allow a day go by without letting my husband and child (soon to be children) know how much they mean to me. Look at that collage – they are my world. For whatever reason our souls lined up in this most special way. I have no idea what I did to deserve to be surrounded by such amazing creatures but I am forever grateful. I love you Sticky, Jettie and baby. I love you every single second of every single day and even at my ugliest I hope you still know how deeply I feel about you.
  • Be happy. Too much of life is wasted on being miserable which quite honestly is a lot of work. The only thing I want to work hard at is being a strong, happy human being. Misery can take a backseat forever.

I wish everyone nothing but a happy, healthy and fabulous 2014. Life is so short, regardless of circumstances there is no reason not to make each year the best one yet. Or at least give it your best shot trying. Cheers to an amazing one!






2013 was an insanely happy year for us. Filled to the brim with “the big stuff”, and millions of moments of enjoying “the little things”. Vacations, watching close friends say “I do”, our own engagement and wedding, an incredible year of growth for Flour Loves Sugar, the start of this blog, baby showers, new friendships, the deepest feelings of love.. all around us. 2013 dropped me to my knees, and made me thankful a thousand times over. We truly are so, so blessed. Oh 2014, how will you ever top this year?


A few resolutions of my own:

  • Kick procrastination to the curb. I do work better under pressure- but my procrastination has hurt me this year, and my business and this blog deserve better.
  • Write more. Writing is therapeutic for me- and everyone could use a little therapy.
  • Learn calligraphy. I know that is completely random, but it has something that I have always wanted to learn and have so much admiration for.
  • Volunteer my time. Josh and I took advantage of a few volunteer opportunities this year and the feeling is truly exhilarating- lets do more.
  • Unplug on the weekends. I struggle with holding myself to unrealistic expectations- and having my business at my fingertips makes it hard for me to step away and unplug. The weekends should belong fully to my family and friends, and nothing else.
  • Dig a little deeper, ask the hard questions. I read a blog post a few days back that really pulled at my heart. This year has been so, so great- but like any other year it has also had it’s hard moments. Those moments showed me how lucky I am- because I have a few friends that ask those questions. They dig deeper, they hug you the second the tears spring to your eyes. I want to be that friend, too.
  • Do more with less.
  • Kick fear in the butt. I struggle with fear, and I need to replace it with faith. It’s something I am constantly thinking about, a flaw I am very conscious of. Fear of loss, fear of disappointment, fear of failure. Shake it off.
  • Learn to say no, because sometimes you just cant do it all. Too often I say, whats two dozen more cookies? I can whip those up really quick. No. There is a toddler at my legs that is far more important than those cookies.
  • Learn to say yes. To playing, to movies, to dance parties in the kitchen. To unplanned date nights, to coffee splurges, to scary opportunities.
  • Financial fitness. All of the rescources are at my fingertips- I just need to take the time to use them, so that we can inch closer to our goals.
  • Dream big. Really big.
  • Search for beauty, every day, every where.

Happy New Year!!!




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  1. Wendy says:

    Best of the best to you all in 2014. Xxo