champagne cocktails

Big plans for the New Year?  Staying in when that ball drops?  However you chose to spend your evening you’re going to need a glass of champagne.  I was going to make a cranberry concoction of my own but my only 2 bottles of bubbly were consumed by my Christmas Eve brunch guests (ahem…husband and Maxeys).  So being left empty handed, not to mention pregnant, I thought a collection of cocktails made more sense.  This year why not try something other than a plain ole glass of champagne.  Drink one for me while you are at it.

champagne_cocktails1Clementine Lemon Champagne Cocktail 2Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail 3Grapefruit Champagne Spritzer 4Cranberry Ginger Champagne Cocktail 5Champagne Punch (with Gingerale) 6Raspberry and Ginger Champagne Cocktail





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