diy halloween wreath (two ways)

diy_hallowenn_wreath_1If you are a Project Runway fan then you know all about the unconventional challenges.  Contestants scurry through anything but a fabric store to gather the components they need to make a runway look.  We realize creating a wreath from the dollar store does not come close to being as challenging as making a high end gown out of bird seed.  It did however require a little more creativity and a lot less money.  Other than the wreath base and basic crafting supplies (hot glue) our creations were constructed from all $1 items.  We laughed, we made something and we spent far less than we did last year.  We think Tim Gunn would approve.


shan_diy_hallowenn_wreath_1Last year, Brandy and I took the pinterest approach, spent a few hours in Hobby Lobby and crafted wreaths that we really loved- but they were a pretty penny and took an entire evening to craft.  This year we were excited to challenge ourselves to create something fabulous from a not-so-fabulous starting point (no offense Dollar Tree!).  Last year my wreath was more “fall” inspired, so this year I wanted to aim more towards Halloween.   Because I grabbed for the metallic decor, I wanted my base to be fairly simple.  The only matte black I could find was electric tape- but it worked out perfectly.  I deconstructed a few gift embellishments and a balloon anchor, strung an eye-ball garland and proudly placed my obnoxious spider at the very top.  Not bad, Dollar Tree, not bad.

shan_diy_hallowenn_wreath_2 shan_diy_hallowenn_wreath_3 shan_diy_hallowenn_wreath_4 shan_diy_hallowenn_wreath_5(Yepp, that’s my husband.)

Brandy J:

brandy_diy_hallowenn_wreath_1When it comes to crafting I am a minimalist.  Clean lines and thoughtful design elements are my mantra.  The first thing I grabbed were the popsicle sticks – figured if anything these would cover the majority of my wreath form in a clean pattern.  Then I began to fret.  While I love all the loud and gaudy Halloween decor it is just not me.  Figuring out how to work it into something for me was stressful.  (Yes, I took this a little too seriously.)  I kept returning to the section full of skulls, bats and spiders thinking that there has to be something to build from.  And then I spotted the the black raven and knew I had my concept.

brandy_diy_hallowenn_wreath_2Admittedly I know very little about “The Raven”.  I know Edgar Allan Poe wrote it and I am fairly certain at one point in my school years I read it.  There is also an episode of Gilmore Girls were numerous Edgar Allan Poe impersonators gather to recite “The Raven”.  Clearly I am a literary expert.   Assuming bats nor spiders had anything to do with the infamous poem I decided I still needed them to Halloween it up a bit.  That is where the book, more specifically it’s pages, came into place.  FYI, mod podging a spider was not exactly fun.  Creating folded paper bats from my elementary art days on the other hand was a delight.

Overall I am happy with the turnout.  It is simple and clean yet still Halloween.

brandy_diy_hallowenn_wreath_3 brandy_diy_hallowenn_wreath_4By the time the wreaths were hung, we were already planning dollar store Christmas wreaths.  Not only did we love our end results- but we only spent between $10 to $13 each- base included!!  The options are endless- clearly, as we used the same small selection to create two completely different wreaths.  So fun!

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