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It was two years ago that Shan purchased a hot pair of booties for her first holiday session as a family of 3.  She has since worn said footwear zero times.  That’s right – not a once, not even on a whim.  Typically I would notice something like this.  After all I can’t remember what day of the week it is but if a person wants to know what they wore on any given day since knowing me – there’s a good chance I’ll remember.  Call it what you will (psycho, useless, weird) but I have a remarkable fashion memory.  Such a gift includes having a mental filing cabinet of all my closest friends’ closets.  Have I mentioned I am not crazy?  Somehow these boots slipped through the cracks and Shan has gotten away with neglect.  I love a challenge, especially one that involves a topic I’m passionate about.   Using items she already owns (with just a few accessories borrowed from me) I gave Shan 3 looks she can rock now.

how_to_wear_booties_1Casual, Cool and Professional – I told Shan she looked like “a blogger” in this (a super cute, ultra chic, fabulous one of course).  This combo would be perfect for her outdoor market events.  The top layers give her temperature options while the booties keep her in season blazer or not.

how_to_wear_booties_2 how_to_wear_booties_31 H&M blazer 2 Delias cuffed shorts 3 Forever 21 tassel necklace 4 Forever 21 lace tank 5 London Fog shopper tote

Smart Date Night –  a night with your man does not always have to involve an obviously sexy ensemble or the color black.  A denim shirt pairs with almost any skirt.  Top it off with a statement necklace and the look is chic.  Which is sexy.  Which is hot.

how_to_wear_booties_4how_to_wear_booties_51 H&M denim shirt 2 Material Girl necklace 3 BCBGMACAZRIA clutch 4 J Crew Factory pencil skirt

Fun and Easy – we all need those go to looks that can be thrown on and  feel put together without having to think.  This would be one to keep in the arsenal.  There is nothing easier than a jean jacket and dress.  With booties and a crossbody bag – well that’s just seriously trendy and seriously cute.

how_to_wear_booties_6how_to_wear_booties_71 Forever 21 dress 2 Forever 21 jean jacket 3 Steve Madden crossbody bag

Booties: similar, similar & similar

Obviously it is impossible for Shan to not look amazing.  It does warm my heart to see her looking her impossibly cute self in those booties now.  What else are you not wearing Shan?





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4 Responses to bootie help

  1. lisa says:

    Beauty! Shan, you look so natural in front of the camera- i’m jealous! My mantra this year is to shop my closet as much as possible. So many treasures hide in there! Great booties.

  2. Kristie M says:

    Ok. You convinced me….I’m breaking out MY neglected booties!