take the leap


229d0a7b3ab49260ba34bea818b5435aI have a thing for words.  They dance on the page in front of me, linger in my head.. come back to me at the strangest times.   They inspire me, push me to go, hold my hand through change.  I can’t get enough of this quote by Steve Jobs.  For so many, this concept is out of grasp- the thought of changing something as large as your career is petrifying.  But can you truly be happy if you don’t love 8 hours of your day?

I so strongly believe that the chapters of our lives are much like seasons.  Seasons defined by feelings, scents, a place that you lived, people that became part of your everyday.  Your interests change, your priorities change- and honestly the fact that you are suppose to have this all planned out at age 18 is insane to me.  Change your mind, take a chance, embrace change.


Josh and I moved to Ohio when I graduated from cosmetology school, four months before Adelynn was born.  The season that our lives were in drastically shifted to a new one, and we went through more change in a few month span than most people go through in a year. With those changes came opportunity in leaps and bounds- opportunity that I am so thankful that I took.  Being happy in everyday life is the biggest blessing.  I lend so much credit for being so happy to absolutely loving my career.  Waking up every morning excited about your day beats dreading it ten times over.


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