a night at the drive-in

drive_in_1Some of the best things in life are the simplest. An old drive-in off a quiet highway has been the simple warm fuzzy spot for us this summer. As children we remember grabbing lawn chairs, blankets, snacks and heading to a movie (maybe two if we were able to stay awake). We would pull up to the ticket booth and get our first view of the humungous white screen. Tires slowly crunched through gravel as we chose just the right spot to watch our movie in the stars. Snacks, games and laughter would ensue while waiting for the sun to sink into the horizon. Then that first flicker of the screen would come on and faces lit up – it was movie watching time. We now know that it was the moments leading up to the movie that makes the drive in so special. Spending time with people you love in the gorgeous light of a setting sun. It is magically simple and something we certainly plan on making “a regular habit”.

We made a few quick and simple snacks for our most recent trip to the drive in. Of course there is nothing wrong with the old movie theater stand-by’s but it is fun to mix it up (not to mention cost effective).

BBQ Popcorn – sweet, smoky, salty and oh so good. Easily make individual sizes by placing in brown paper lunch bags.

drive_in_barbecue_pop_cornSpiced Crispy Chickpeas – these were crispy until packaged but still good in taste. Many spice variations could be used in this including the above BBQ spice rub. A tip – make sure the chickpeas are completely dry before tossing with oil and spices.

drive_in_salty_roasted_chick_peasSweet & Salty Snack Mix

– who doesn’t love “puppy chow”? Of course, all the girls cared about was fishing out all of the M&M’s.

drive_in_sweet_and_salty_puppy_chowPeanut Apple Butter Bites – added oatmeal to the peanuts you roll these in- and they were filling and tasty!

drive_in_peanut_butter_apple_butter_ballsClearly the girls enjoyed all the yummy snacks.drive_in_collage_1We love that this drive in still has the old speakers even though most cars use the designated radio station to listen to their movie. Music streams through them before dark falls. There’s something so nostalgic and soothing about that poor quality sound, we love it.drive_in_collage_2Dancing, snuggling and giggles – that’s what we cherish about these evenings. Josh is new to the drive-in experience and we’re fairly certain he enjoys it the most.drive_in_collage_3It’s movie time! Unfortunately both girls thought Monsters U was playing. It was ok though because sleep prevailed this time around.drive_in_collage_4We highly recommend a trip to the drive-in before summer makes it’s farewell. An old fashioned American tradition that stands the test of time and makes wonderful memories for the entire family. Can’t wait for our next trip!


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2 Responses to a night at the drive-in

  1. Kara says:

    Loved making the spiced crispy chickpeas – these really were gone in a few days. Totally making again! Thanks for the quick, easy and tasty natural treat!