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lovelylinks1 The 20 Things You Need To Let Go To Be Happy We all know these things but it’s nice to have such a no nonsense reminder.  I have read this everyday for the past week. 2 When Your Mother Says She’s Fat This has been floating around everywhere but if you are a parent and have yet to read it you must do so now. A well written confession on body image and how what we say and do effects our children, especially girls, forever. 3 Strappy Shoes Ankle straps were all the rage this summer and much to my delight they are still in for fall.  Absolutely love how they have been reinvented into something tougher and very sexy. 4 Kate Middleton’s Style I mean, do I need to say more? 5 Unwrapped Starbursts Movie watching just got a whole lot more fun, and less messy. 6 The Perfect Scrambled Eggs A personal obsession of late.  This recipe has proven to be the frontrunner so far.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!




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