rain, rain, don’t go away

summer_rainy_day_look_3I never understood why people go on and on about living somewhere that is 75, sunny and “perfect” everyday, all year.  First of all, consistency is boring.  Who wants the same ideal weather day in and day out?  Second of all, sometimes a person needs a dark and gloomy day.  Like when a person only sleeps a few hours over the weekend, has a broken dryer and needs to rearrange furniture from hosting a bridal shower.  When I went to bed last night I was irritated thinking about what look to put together for a sunny summer day (and clearly too lazy to check the forecast for this morning).  Upon waking a smile came across my face due to the sound of rainfall.  An even bigger one sprouted when I thought about wearing my most fabulous Hunter wellies (gifted to me this past birthday by a dear friend who most definitely knows me well).  The look is complete with coffee in hand, of course sunnies would have aided in hiding the bags under my eyes but you can’t always have it all.

summer_rainy_day_look_2Please ignore the lack of makeup and “natural” hair.  My agenda consists of little to no chance of seeing other human beings today so I opted to skip the primping.

summer_rainy_day_look_1 summer_rainy_day_look_4 summer_rainy_day_look_5|WEARING| Hunter Original Boots/raglan tee similar/cuffed denim shorts similar/ceramic traveler similar/clear umbrella similar




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7 Responses to rain, rain, don’t go away

  1. Callie Russell says:

    Natural hair and lack of makeup are THE BEST! You are truly beautiful without all the “dolling” up! I love when people embrace that they are beautiful to begin with! Thank you for sharing! Moving to TX has really made me appreciate the rainy days! LOVE

  2. June G. says:

    Omigosh! what do you do for you’re amazing legs?! I’m from the Pacific Northwest, I love the rain:)

  3. WOW Jane you look really yummy wearing your Hunter Wellies, but don’t wait for the rain to pull them on, they look good with any Outfit, I wear mine when the sun shines too.

  4. Katie says:

    I love those rain boots!! I have these colorful rain boots but i love yours! Very classy!