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festival_wear_1When it comes to festivals, especially those celebrating food, you can count me in.  We spent the weekend in Belleview, MI partaking in some hotel pool time and a little event they have every year called the Strawberry Festival.  Dressing for an incredibly hot day of walking around is not my strong suit – no matter what I wear I end up feeling gross about an hour into the day.  My first instinct was a large brimmed hat and maxi dress, but then I spied my neglected denim shirt dress and my bag was packed.  As for my hair you should have seen it the day before (it was awesome, which is rare and I regret not documenting it).  Unfortunately yesterday it was not cooperating, I was running out of time, and up in a high pony it went.  In my next life I would like J Lo’s perfect hairline for rocking up-dos (ok, in my next life I just want J Lo’s everything).

festival_wear_2Jettie was very restless, she knew there was a train ride with her name on it.  She did take a moment to show off her sandals of course though.

festival_wear_3 festival_wear_4|WEARING| denim shirt dress similar/orange crossover clutch similar/brown platform sandals (fyi, I did switch to flats – even I won’t walk around in platforms at a festival all day) similar/braided belt similar/gold bar necklace similar  Jettie: Zara sandals




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3 Responses to festival wear

  1. Lisa says:

    JLo’s hairline- I dream of it!! Lol! Cute cute, miss Brandy! And that us on perfect show model :o)

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