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Waxing is a method of hair removal that some people will swear upon while for others, the word “waxing” alone has them running and screaming in the other direction. There are so many waxing kits sold in stores that promise perfect results when in reality most of them are not so friendly and don’t deliver.  The reality of getting into the salon every time you feel a little fuzzy is slim, let’s face it.. we’re busy and it can get really expensive! Recently, I’ve decided I LOVE waxing and it makes life a little easier, as plucking hair by hair can be tedious and time-consuming. I have for you a DIY honey based wax recipe as well as steps to complete an easy eyebrow hair removal!


Here is what you’ll need.

Home-made wax:

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup honey
  • 1/2 of a large lemon

Items needed for hair removal:

  • baking powder
  • cotton fabric cut into strips (any scrap cotton fabric you may have will do the trick!)
  • wooden sticks
  • home-made honey wax

To make the wax:

  1. Heat one cup of sugar in a saucepan on low, stirring until the sugar starts bubbling.
  2. Add one cup of honey and the juice of half a large lemon to the sugar.
  3. Keep stirring, mixing well.
  4. The wax should take on a golden-yellow color.
  5. Transfer the wax to a heat proof bowl, jar, etc. (whatever you want to store it in that will be safe to reheat when needed.)
  6. Let it cool. (slightly)

How to wax your eyebrow (thanks for trusting me with those brows Shan!):


Start by fully cleansing the area that will have hair removed.


Next you are going to dust the area with baking powder. This absorbs any moisture and acts as a barrier between your skin and the wax.

Before putting the hot wax on your skin, test it to make sure you aren’t going to have 3rd degree burns, as that would not look very nice.

Apply the wax in the direction of the hair with the wooden stick. Be very careful to not get it on hairs you wish to keep!


You will then take your fancy waxing strip and place it over the wax, again in the direction of hair growth smooth the fabric over the area.


Let the wax cool down slightly allowing for better grip of those unwanted hairs. With one hand pull the skin taught and with the other take hold of the end of the waxing strip. (At this point I usually take a deep breathe in and count to three, werid..but for me it helps ease the ripping of hairs out). Quickly, against the direction of hair growth, pull the strip off.


A clean, well-defined brow! If there is any sticky residue left just take a warm wash cloth and it will dissolve instantly.




* Not to be confused with “Brandy J”, Brandy is Shan’s talented big sis who we are thrilled to have stopping in from time to time with product and beauty advice.  To learn a little more about Brandy and other “Guest Janes” check out the About Us page.

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5 Responses to diy hair removal

  1. Leah says:

    Anyone using this tutorial, make sure you heat the sugar until it starts bubbling like the directions say. Don’t be impatient! I skimped on that (I just heated until all the sugar was melted) and my wax came out a dark brown and did not harden enough to pull hairs out when I tried it. I am out of honey now, but as soon as I get some more, I will follow the directions to a T and will most likely get good results. There is something to be said for directions. 😉 thanks for the tutorial, can’t wait to try again! 🙂

    • Leah says:

      So I tried the recipe again, and it still didn’t work very well. It stayed a gel instead of drying enough to pull out hair 🙁 maybe I did something wrong, but I did melt about a half cup more sugar and added it to the wax, and it worked great! I hate forking over the moola for a salon wax, or even waxing kits (much rather spend it on shoes) so I am so excited about this. Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Christa says:

    Thank you for this tutorial! I am excited to give it a try. Are you able to keep the unused wax for another time? If so, what is the best way to store and re-heat and how long does it keep for? Thank you!

  3. Steph says:

    I too would like to know how long the wax keeps & the best way to reheat the unused wax next time.

  4. Cassandra says:

    I am curious as to the answers to the questions above. As soon as I can get a lemon I would love to try this. Thanks for the information.