fairly neutral

fairly_neutral_1This past weekend Jettie and I did some bathing suit shopping.  Recently she had her first swim lesson and I naively assumed the slightly big suit from last Summer would fit like a dream this Spring – it fit but only after I stood on the bottom and stretched it all the way up to my shoulders (good thing I do those Jillian videos).  While shopping I was distracted from our swimsuit mission and ended up with 3 pairs of leggings.  They came in at least 20 different offerings – pink with white dots, multicolor stripes, little hearts, etc.  All adorable and desirable, all perfect for a toddler.  I chose grey, B&W stripe and ivory with gold dots – much like for myself I lean towards neutrals for her.  May sound boring to stay in the black, grey and beige family but all it takes is a bold shoe or colorful accessory and you have a smart look.  The combo I am wearing here is an essential for those easy breezy “do not want to think about dressing myself but still want to look fabulous” weekends.  As for Jettie’s suit they were all out of grey so a ruffly purple, yellow and pink number had to do (and she looks pretty stinking cute in it).fairly_neutral_2 fairly_neutral_3 fairly_neutral_4|WEARING|khaki jacket similar/long sleeve top similar/H&M jeans (my DIY inner ankle zip pair)/aviator sunnies similar/blue hobo similar/zebra pumps similar

This will give you a feel for our ultra glamorous photo sessions.  They go very quickly when the art director is on the porch yelling “You guys, what are you doing?  What are you doing?”fairly_neutral_5brandyjsig

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4 Responses to fairly neutral

  1. Sounds like you two had a fun shopping trip. 🙂
    Great casual outfit, btw!