spring resolutions

My house is rarely quiet. Between a shrieking toddler and my noisy mixer, the silence is far and between. Sometimes I think back to life before baby, life before my crazy business venture- those quiet days of living alone in my little one bedroom apartment. I would be lying if I told you I miss it- I don’t. However, I do miss those moments of being so carried away by a good book that nothing else in the world matters.  It is too easy to get wrapped up in making the world spin for everyone else and forget that to be the best mom, friend, sister, daughter, fiance.. those moments of clarity are vital.

New Years rolls around each year and I decide resolutions are too cliche, but by spring, I am due for some change. Especially this spring. (Did I mention I am getting married in four short months?!) I’m promising myself to put more effort into a few things that have been eating away at me. I’m looking for a balance, I’ve been teetering for too long.  Here are a few of what I am going to call my “spring resolutions” (because true to form, I can’t follow the norm and welcome change on January 1st.)


1.  Pick up those pretty words.   A few books have been floating around my house for awhile now, just waiting to be devoured.  Overusing the words “I don’t have time” is a problem I have. One chapter a night before bed- anyone has time for that. No more excuses.  I am going to read these books.  (The top of my “to-read” list: Love Does, All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, A Practical Wedding)


2. Say hello to being a better friend.  I am so blessed to have my treasured circle of a few really great people that I share my life with.  I am consciously working on being a better friend– because as much as those friends need me, I need them.  (This fun stationery is from EmDashCo on Etsy.)


3.Impromptu dates on the couch.  The scene is always the same.  I am in the kitchen, rushing around to get one more tray of cookies in the oven, wipe up the soggy cracker off of the table and respond to the mound of emails screaming my name.  (Glamorous.) Josh is on the couch, with a bowl of popcorn ( we dig popcorn around here) and he strategically puts one of my favorite movies in.  My immediate response? I can’t.  On second thought;  Yes. The emails and soggy cracker can wait. 


4. Its the little things.  Most of you may not know this but before I fell in love with baking, I fell in love with makeup.  So often, lately, I grab for the neutrals, if I have had any time at all to throw something on my face.  My fingers are crossed that spring will push me back towards the fun plums, emeralds and royal blues hidden at the bottom of my makeup bag.  Nothing makes me feel better than the little things- like those fun pops of color. (This fun Stephanie Dawn makeup bag can be found here)

Well…. almost nothing.


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2 Responses to spring resolutions

  1. I love the idea of Spring resolutions. New Years seems so forced, I never really feel like ‘starting a new’ until the sunshine and warm peeks through!

    xxoo – jessica