blush: cream or powder

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between cream and powder blush? When to use which or which one is better? Honestly it is personal preference. There is no right or wrong choice. One thing to consider when deciding is your skin type and the over all look you are trying to achieve. If your skin tends to be oily, my advice is to stick with powder blush to control oil and shine. If you have normal to dry skin, you’re in luck, either one will work. That soft dewy natural cheek is achieved when lightly brushing on liquid blush or dabbing it on with your fingertips. If you are wanting to contour your cheekbones for a more finished look reach for powder blush. If you only use cream try powder, if you only use powder try creme. I dare you! I will say, I have to admit that 95% of the time I’m wearing powder blush, but on occasion I like to change it up with cream blush.


MAKE UP FOR EVER| HD High Definition Creme Blush: Perfect pick for adding that natural healthy glow. Great when applied with a blush brush or your finger. A little goes a long way.


URBAN DECAY| After Glow Glide-On Cheek Color: Super light and sheer coverage. Wear it light or build it up for a more bold statement cheek. Perfect either way.

s1289511-main-LheroBOBBI BROWN| Shimmer Brick Nectar: The perfect glowing coral shimmering cheek color.

s904110-main-LheroMAKE UP FOR EVER| Powder Blush: Loads of pigment for great coverage, that lasts all day.

Don’t stop at just your cheeks when applying blush. Go up your cheekbones, across forehead and chin, and even down your nose. Think of all the places the sun naturally hits your face.

Blush or Rouge. Cream or Powder. Either way, don’t leave the house without it!



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One Response to blush: cream or powder

  1. Vicki says:

    Jordanne, I love the word “rouge”! It’s how my grams always referred to her blush (usually cream) and I adored watching her put on her “face” each morning