sparkling shamrock

March is here which means St Patty’s day is just around the corner.  Traditionally this holiday is filled with Irish ale, car bombs and green beer.  Great options, yes, but we were hoping for something a little more fun to hold.  Enter Sparkling Shamrock Champagne – bubbly, a tad sweet and pretty in green.  The ideal cocktail for anyone feeling fancy on St Patty’s.cocktail1

Sparkling Shamrock (recipe from Formal Fringe)

  • Your favorite dry (Brut) champagne, chilled
  • Midori melon liqueur
  • Honeydew balls (or if you happen to own a mini shamrock cookie cutter now is the time to use it)
  • Green sugar (sugar mixed with green food coloring)

Take a melon ball and run it around the rim of a champagne flute.  Dip rim in sugar.  Pour 2oz of Midori in glass then top with champagne.  Place a melon ball on a toothpick, cover in sugar and place on top of champagne flute.  Drop melon ball in glass right before drinking for maximum bubble pleasure and a touch of extra sweetness.  Enjoy!cocktail2Cheers to March, the weekend and pretending we are Irish later this month!





Sparkling Shamrock

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