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Something about the month of February just makes me feel happy. It’s exciting to walk in the stores and see all the bright colors and Valentine’s Day candy, cards and decorations. Its like light at the end of the tunnel, a hint or a tease that maybe, just maybe spring is near. If you can’t tell I’m ready for winter to be over and for Spring to bloom. Most of all its just Valentine’s Day that makes this month extra special. I don’t necessarily need a holiday to celebrate my love, but it sure does give you a reason to do something extra special! What better excuse to get all fancy for a date with the hubs, pull out that new outfit you have been dying to wear, those sexy lined cat eyes, and especially that special perfume.

Oh, that special perfume! Isn’t it amazing how a few squirts of your favorite scent can seal the deal and complete your look? I have a few perfume loves. In the past my go to perfume for a very long time had been Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue. It was definitely my favorite until I stumbled upon M.A.C. Turquatic and couldn’t get enough of it, so I found myself rotating the two. Then on a past birthday the hubs did a pretty risky thing and bought me some new perfume, Coach Legacy. To my surprise, it quickly became my new favorite. Bravo and big props to Seth! So then when he ventured out once more this past Christmas and bought me yet another new perfume, Gucci Premiere, I was pretty excited and couldn’t wait to try this one. Well of course, its fabulous, he chose a real keeper this time!! It’s actually very sweet and sexy to think of the hubs shopping and searching for the perfect perfume, and lucky me, he’s pretty amazing at it.

Whether it’s one of my favorite oldies or one of my favorite newbies, all four of these scents are for sure perfume love. I do have to say that there is just something special about a gift from the hubs and everyday that I go to spray my perfume I have to admit that I always blush, just a little! So, on this special Valentine’s Day I’ll definitely be wearing a little Gucci Premiere! Lets face it everyone needs a little Gucci in their life anyways.  So whether it’s a Valentine’s date you are getting ready for or just want to try a new perfume, any of these are something very special!

perfume1. DOLCE & GABANNA, light blue 2. M.A.C., Turquatic 3. Coach, Legacy 4. Gucci, Premiere



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One Response to perfume love…

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    These perfumes are great. My personal favorite is the Gucci.

    – KW