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T-minus 3 days until our local Trick-or-Treat!  A few years back we started a tradition of celebrating Halloween together with the Rammels and it is truly a tradition we cherish.  It kicks off our holiday season, and rain or shine we have so much fun dressing up and taking part in the festivities.  I won’t spoil the surprise, but like always there is lots of crafting involved so this week involves more spray paint and Elmers glue than usual.

For Locke’s one month birthday I made this sweet and salty puppy chow- and two weeks later I am still munching on the leftovers (I made a double batch and it may have been overkill, but that’s okay!)  The bottom of the bowl is finally visible, so late at night when I am rocking my newborn and not sleeping I am pinning puppy chow and snack mix recipes because I’m slightly addicted.

Here is a roundup of some great finds, perfect for a Halloween bash or just a busy week of crafting!

the best snack mixes  |

1. Pumpkin Snack Mix   2. Halloween Puppy Chow  3. Sweet and Salty Chex Mix   4. Halloween Chex Mix   5. Halloween Party Popcorn   6. Dressed Up Caramel Corn

Happy snacking (and crafting!),

the best snack mixes  |


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do we dare halloween makeup

Yes, another Halloween centered post but this time we are talking makeup.  The past few years our costumes had very little to do with the “made-up” face and more to do with the costume.  In fact this year’s official Rammel/Maxey group costume will follow the same pattern.  But lucky for us our local art center is having a “mad scientist” themed event.  And even luckier for us our trick-or-treat happens the Saturday before Halloween so the 31st is all ours to partake in.  We have decided that our group costumes will more than likely not work for a mad scientist soiree (you will understand once you see them).  Instead we are wearing items we already own and going crazy with the makeup.  Here are a few we can’t take our eyes off of:

do we dare halloween makeup | www.prettyplainjanes.comDay of the Dead/Icy Cheshire Cat/Ventriloquist Doll/Villian/Cracked Doll/Made-up Mask

Don’t forget to tag #ppjhalloween – we want to see all of your costume (and makeup) fun!


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shake it off costumes

shake it off costumes | www.prettyplainjanes.comIt is no secret that we love Halloween with the costume part being our absolute favorite.  Every year we brainstorm over what would make a fantastic group ensemble for our two families.  While this “Shake It Off”  inspired idea (from the Taylor Swift video) did not make the cut, I still just had to share.  The concept is very now and for the most part the looks are easy to pull off.  This would be perfect for  a group of college girls or neighborhood moms (a man version would be hilarious as well).  If you do not have your costume decided yet why not be a Taylor?  All you need are a few key pieces and some other “Taylor” friends:

shake it off costumes | www.prettyplainjanes.comleotard/headband/feathers (pin feathers into hair and/or hot glue on leotard for detail)/ballet slippers

shake it off costumes | www.prettyplainjanes.comleopard jacket/acid wash cut offs/hoop earrings/chain necklace/knee pads/chain bracelet/cuff bracelet/high tops

shake it off costumes | www.prettyplainjanes.comgold pants/gold jacket/shield shades/gold slip ons

shake it off costumes | www.prettyplainjanes.comleotard/shorts/slippers (she is not wearing shoes but I think you may need some)

shake it off costumes | www.prettyplainjanes.comcrop top/skirt/yellow tape/blue tape (use an x acto knife to make details on her uniform)/poms/shoes

shake it off costumes | www.prettyplainjanes.comtee shirt/bomber jacket/white tape (for detailing cap)/faux leather cap/leather pants/leather sneakers (If you create an old bomb box to carry around that would be nothing short of genius.)

shake it off costumes | www.prettyplainjanes.commicrophone/sweater/pants/shoes

Whether you’re a Taylor or not we want to see your Halloween costumes.  Tag #PPJHalloween to be sure we do not miss it!


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monster munch

monster munch | www.prettyplainjanes.comDo you love or hate candy corn?  I always had a “like” relationship with the seasonal candy.  At first I like it but after a couple of pieces my stomach turns and the desire to eat anymore diminishes.  It is pure sugar and food coloring after all – why on earth would that make my insides feel yucky?  Not one to give up so easily I decided to give this mix a whirl. It’s candy corn mixed with salty peanuts, popcorn, Reese’s Pieces and coated in white chocolate.  Sounds fabulous. And much to my delight it is.

monster munch | monster munch | www.prettyplainjanes.comThis would make a fantastic treat for friends and/or coworkers.  Simply place in cellophane bag and secure with ribbon.

monster munch | www.prettyplainjanes.comIf you are on the fence about candy corn but love yourself a sweet and salty snack this just may sway you to the “love” side.  I know it did me.  (Peeps on the other hand.  No, never.)

Enjoy something you love this weekend!


monster munch |



monster munch

monster munch |


  • 1/2 lb almond bark
  • 8 to 10 cups of popped popcorn
  • 1/2 candy corn
  • 3/4 cup dry roasted, salted peanuts
  • 1/2 cup Reese's Pieces


  1. Place popped popcorn, candy corn, peanuts and Reese's Pieces in the largest bowl you own.
  2. Melt almond bark according to package directions.
  3. Pour melted bark over popcorn mixture and stir until evenly coated.
  4. Spread mixture on parchment or foil and allow to setup.
  5. Break into pieces and devour.
monster munch |

recipe from Plain Chicken

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pregnancy & infant loss awareness

Last night Instagram was beautifully flooded with images of candles being lit to celebrate and remember everyone effected by pregnancy and infant loss.   Like so many other women this is something that is close to our hearts as we have both experienced the grief and heartbreak first hand of loss.  The journey we have been on this year surrounding Locke’s pregnancy and birth have really brought light to just how many families experience loss, and how healing sharing our experiences with eachother can be.

pregnancy & infant loss awareness | www.prettyplainjanes.comLoss can look so many different ways.  6 weeks into your pregnancy, a devastating diagnosis in your second trimester, an unexpected stillbirth, SIDS, cancer, fertility challenges… the list goes on and on.  Whatever  the circumstance, whether you held them in your arms or only in your womb, a loss is a loss and the pain is real.  So real.  Until recently, these experiences were swept under the rug.  Pushed to the back corner of your mind, locked away with the things you don’t like to think about, let alone talk about.  But then, we started talking.  We started saying out loud “me too” when a friend suffered, instead pretending it had never happened.  Like any experience, there is beauty to be found buried in the ashes.  If nothing else, your story could be the crutch that someone else needs.. it can change a decision they might someday regret, it can change the way we value the most valuable thing of all.. life.  

Chances are, if you haven’t before felt the effects of miscarriage or infant loss you know someone who has. Statistics say 1 in 4 women will experience the loss, 1 in 4. That’s a lot of women who need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen or simply a comforting hug.

There are 1000s of beautiful stories to be found on the internet. Women (and men) who dreamed of child they never got a chance to raise. Their hearts are genuine and their words are powerful. Here are a few links of many that have spoken to us:

Mazelle Joy
Jaxton’s Story
How to talk to a person who’s lost a child. From someone’s who’s been there.
The Wiegands: Heartache & Baby Loss
After a Miscarriage, Seeking Permission to Grieve

Always know that regardless of whether you have experienced loss or not you can mean the world to someone by simply listening.  Reassure them that their feelings are valid and their loss is worth remembering.  We would like to invite all of you to share your stories here with us.  Whether it be a fertility struggle, early miscarriage or saying goodbye to a baby you just said hello to.  We want to hear the words your heart needs to say and know your experience.  We are 1 in 4 and sharing with all of you has made a world of difference to us.

pregnancy & infant loss awareness |

pregnancy & infant loss awareness |



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